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AC Evans is a prolific small press poet. Born in 1949, he grew up in London and Essex, and currently lives in London. He co-founded the legendary Neo-Surrealist Convulsionist Group in 1966. AC works in the subversive tradition of the bizarre and the grotesque, influenced by fin-de-siecle Decadence, Aestheticism, the iconoclasm of Dada, the Surrealist Revolution, the immediacy of Beat and Pop, and all Post-Modern travesties. Yet he describes his works as both Realistic and Speculative Frictions.

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One of Atlantean Publishing's longest-running and most prolific contributors, he had the honour of inaugurating The Bards series and was Featured Poet in Monomyth 3.4. He has also contributed a great deal of artwork.



The Bards[]

Poetry Booklets[]

Appearances In Atlantean publications[]


Awen 78[]

Awen 80[]

  • Crazy Angels

Bard 127[]

  • Unknown Zone

Bard 136[]

  • Facing The Light

The Dark Tower Volume 4: A Skull of Doom[]

  • The Secret Mountain

Garbaj 50[]

  • South Of Suburbia


Garbaj 50[]

  • Up For Fun!

Monomyth 61[]


  • Exosphere (Stride)
  • Decaying Orbits (Stride)
  • The Xantras (Trombone Press)
  • Neon Aeon (Trombone Press)
  • Chimaera Obscura (Phlebas Press)
  • Space Opera (Stride)
  • Omega Lightning (Trombone Press)
  • The Mutation Show Underscore (Silver Gull Publishing)
  • Swan Of Yuggoth (CygnusXpress)
  • The Stone Door (CygnusXpress)
  • Dream Vortex (Tabor Press)
  • Colour of Dust: Poems and/or texts 1973-1997 (Stride)
  • This Sepulchre (Springbeach Press)
  • Fractured Muse (Atlantean Publishing)
  • The Bards 1 (Atlantean Publishing)
  • Vespula Vanishes & Other Poems (Inclement Publishing)
  • From Outside (Argotist Ebooks)
  • Such As This (Smallminded Books)
  • Fractured Moods Vol 1 Haunted Astral (read a review here)
  • Fractured Moods Vol 2 Beautiful Chaos (Atlantean Publishing)
  • Open Moments (Argotist Ebooks)

Reviewed In Atlantean Publishing[]

Reviews of AC's work have appeared in the following issues :