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A Terrible Thing is a paperback anthology published by Atlantean Publishing in conjunction with Carrion Blue 555 in 2016. It took most of the content from the 2007 King In Yellow Anthology and added additional content, including two sequels.

It was edited by DJ Tyrer (who edited the 2007 anthology) and Joseph Bouthiette, Jr. The cover art is by Matthew Revert.

The title refers to the recurring phrase "It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God."


I. Yellow Ephemera[]

  • Not On The Recommended Reading List by DJ Tyrer
  • An Investigation Into The King In Yellow by Simon Brake
  • Hastur & the King In Yellow by DJ Tyrer
  • A Terrible Thing by DJ Tyrer
  • Play Fragment by Cardinal Cox

II. It Is A Terrible Thing To Fall...[]

  • Future Imperfect by Glynn Owen Barrass
  • Yellow Triptych by DS Davidson
  • The Devil's Mustard by David W. Barbee
  • Dreams of the Yellow King by Dirk Holland
  • The Swelling by David Conyers
  • Hell In These Lips by Zachary T. Owen
  • Bitch Muse by Joseph Bouthiette, Jr.
  • The Unmasking by Alexander Kreitner
  • The Masked by Alexander Kreitner
  • The Rest of Your Life by Neal Wilgus
  • The Lady of the Lake by Glynn Owen Barrass

III. ...Into The Hands Of A Living God[]

  • Excerpts from Traffic With Autumn by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr
  • Paper Masks by R.C. Mulhare
  • Fantastic Worlds by Cardinal Cox
  • Before The Tattered King by Genevieve L. Colter
  • The Streets of Alar by DJ Tyrer
  • Dark Stars & Steam by DJ Tyrer
  • Dreams of the King by DS Davidson
  • The Yellow Door by K.W. Taylor
  • Easy Come, Easy Go by Steve Sneyd
  • The Colour of Death by Dirk Holland
  • Chambersworld by Steve Sneyd
  • Aces and Kings by David M. Hoenig