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UT2 – Loose Threads advert

Original advertisement for A Universal Tapestry II: Loose Threads, published in Monomyth 25

A Universal Tapestry II: Loose Threads is one of Atlantean Publishing's aborted publications, conceived in 2003 by Richard Burman as an anthology of short stories "from across the myriad worlds of the traveller in time and space known only as the Doctor", intended to celebrate that November's 40th anniversary of Doctor Who. It was the second attempt made to produce a sequel volume to the 1998 collection A Universal Tapestry, following four years after the preceding (and similarly aborted) A Universal Tapestry 2: The UNIT Years, which had also failed to result in publication.

An advertisement requesting submissions appeared in Monomyth 25 (published April 2003), and a number of stories were received. More than one of these were firmly slated for inclusion (Time Break being specifically advertised as being in the volume, with Cheating Time a near-certainty too) — but the project did not come to fruition in time for the anniversary, and has remained in limbo since.

Some of the content conceived for this anthology ended up in DJ Tyrer's collection, Out Of The Vortex; the subtitle was finally used a decade later for the Loose Threads collection, which included the aforementioned Time Break).

The second 2nd A Universal Tapestry[]

Note: The aforementioned The UNIT Years was in its time marketed as A Universal Tapestry 2 as well. When Loose Threads was in production, the failure of its predecessor to have emerged meant that it inherited the A Universal Tapestry 2 (or II) name in turn, even though this was the third different anthology worked on under the AUT brand. Considered together, the three volumes — whether extant or unrealised — form the A Universal Tapestry series.