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UT2 – The UNIT Years advert

Original advertisement for A Universal Tapestry 2: The UNIT Years, published in Monomyth 20

A Universal Tapestry 2: The UNIT Years is one of Atlantean Publishing's aborted publications, conceived at the tail of the 1990s by Richard Burman as a decalogue of short tales "connected to the universe of Doctor Who, specifically to the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, UNIT", a sequel to his successfully-produced earlier volume A Universal Tapestry.

A full-page advertisement requesting contributions appeared in Monomyth 20 (published August 1999), stating a planned publication date of "November 1999 to celebrate the programme's 36th anniversary"; that is, one year after its predecessor.

The project did not come to fruition, but in the same spirit a second, distinct attempt at a sequel collection was planned and opened to submissions four years later: A Universal Tapestry: Loose Threads, which has so far also failed to result in publication. The three volumes, either extant or unrealised, form the A Universal Tapestry series.