Aeronwy Dafies has been a regular contributor to various Atlantean publications since her first poem appeared in the second issue of Awen. She holds the distinction of being the only person to contribute to every issue of Awen Online. She was the Featured Poet in Monomyth 29, and is best known for her nature and folkloric/Arthurian poetry.

A review in Krax magazine described her poetry as "consistently readable". Neal Wilgus rated her poem Dead Rose as her best.

Data Dump Award Edit

  • Untitled haiku ("Sipping tea on the moon") short-listed and untitled haiku ("TIme machine journeys") long-listed for the 2015 Award.

Publication ElsewhereEdit

  • Aeronwy contributed reviews to issues three, four and six of Redsine in 2000/01.
  • She has contributed poetry and fiction to several issues of Tigershark ezine.
  • She has contributed a poem to Staxtes English Wednesdays - read it here.


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  • Four haiku ("Time machine journeys ..."), ("British space empire ..."), ("Victoriana ..."), ("Sipping tea on Moon ...")

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  • Three haiku ("Brave pilgrims wander..."), ("Hero sword in hand..."), ("Thrillseekers abound...")


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A Broken Mind

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Witching Hour

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see Artwork (Aeronwy Dafies)

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