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Above and below, two fine examples of Alan Hunter's cover art used on Atlantean publicationsAll cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

Alan Hunter (1923–2012), veteran UK artist and a stalwart of the small presses, was a contributor of beautiful and detailed cover drawings in a distinctively inked style to a dozen Atlantean publications over numerous years. Sadly, he died in August 2012, aged 89.

According to his obituary in Ansible, "[his] work included covers for Nebula SF in 1952-53 and much interior art for Nebula and New Worlds through the 1950s. [...] He was unfailingly generous to semiprozines and fanzines". Alan regularly produced unpaid art for small-press publications, including Atlantean's, well into his eighties for the pure pleasure of seeing his work in print.

Contributions To Atlantean Publishing[]

Old Rossum's Book Of Practical Robots

Cover Art[]

Internal Art[]