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Albanomyrtinotalosios (often known simply as Alban) is a Time Lord, created by DJ Tyrer and a very long-running character across various spheres. The Lord is his archenemy (and cousin); Mother Susan is one of two sisters; his brother is named for the founder of the Time Lords; and Xastaroth was his tutor. Spending time in the Dark Ages across a couple of regenerations, he took on the roles of Taliesin and Merlin and worked alongside Arthur. Possessed of a long and complex (future) history, he has appeared or been mentioned in a few Atlantean Publishing stories under numerous guises belonging to his different incarnations.

Aliases and Appearances[]


In cameo only:

Alban of Dunwich[]

Implied to be identical to this Alban, he is mentioned in passing in:


  • As the reconstructor of Eternal Night (where he is noted as the historian of the Prydonian College)

Emrys Bach[]

Alban took this alias for a while, travelling alongside The Doctor for a time as recorded in:

(in both of which he, unwittingly, encounters evil future incarnations of himself) and adventuring alone in:


A blind man on a space station orbitting the remains of Gallifrey, Shadow is a future incarnation of Alban, imprisoned by the goddess Arianrhod, who has separated him from his humanoid TARDIS, Lucy. He is encountered in The Broken Seal.

Emperor Scotaeus[]

Ruler of the far-future Stellian Empire, Emperor Scotaeus is another future incarnation of Alban, just before or just after his time as Shadow. His constant companion, Lady Virtua, may be another form of Lucy. He appears in Time Flow.

Brother Alban[]

Cousin Celephais refers to the deceased Alban as Brother Alban in Time's Turning, implying he may have joined Faction Paradox (although he may be being sarcastic). How this links to the Godfather is unclear and, probably, an example of a paradox...

The Godfather[]

Leading member of Faction Paradox, and another of Alban's (potential) future incarnations gone bad. He is continually swathed in shadow, disguising his appearance. He appears in The Book of the Old Time.

Late Incarnation(S)[]

Alban is amongst those who fight in The Last Battle (also briefly covered in After The End) and is plotting with his brother, Rassilon, and Lucy in Loose Threads. He returns in Nomads of the Timestreams.

As a Corpse[]

Alban is deceased by the events of The Testament of a Time Lord, which covers his burial and the reading of his will by his brother, and its sequel Harvest of the Corn.


Fellow Travellers[]