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Angst is an A5 multi-author poetry booklet released in June 2014 with cover art by Christopher Catt James. It is a collection — as the title suggests — of poems of depression and dark times.

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  • Angst by DS Davidson
  • Just For You by Dakota-Luise Wolf
  • untitled haiku ("Too depressed to live ...") by DJ Tyrer
  • Age of Twilight by Geoff William
  • Tears Come Hard by DJ Tyrer
  • Faded Rose by Aeronwy Dafies
  • Depression by DJ Tyrer
  • Valley of Shadow by Heather Buswell
  • Sound of Silence by DS Davidson
  • Bad News by Donna Salisbury
  • Depression by Christopher Catt James
  • Loss Haiku by Amanda Valance
  • Castles of the Mind by DJ Tyrer
  • The Waste Years by Geoff William
  • Disappointed by Heather Buswell
  • Doom by Christopher Catt James
  • Without You by DJ Tyrer
  • untitled poem ("My child, why criest thou?") by Geoff William
  • I Wish I Knew by DS Davidson
  • Downward Haiku by Amanda Valance
  • Older Than Jesus by David Leverton
  • By Now by DJ Tyrer
  • Awkward Silence by Dakota-Luise Wolf
  • Ice & Fire by Aeronwy Dafies
  • Going Nowhere by Christopher Catt James
  • untitled haiku ("Live a wasted life ...") by DS Davidson
  • Ugly by Angela Morkos
  • Ah, Well by Christopher Catt James
  • untitled haiku ("Abandon all hope ...") by DJ Tyrer
  • I Miss You by Aeronwy Dafies
  • Victim by Amanda Valance
  • Your Haunted Heart by Ben Macnair
  • A Love Denied by DJ Tyrer
  • Panorama of Age by Geoff William
  • "Can't even remember if they were Happy Days" (titled after a quote by John Light) by DJ Tyrer
  • untitled couplet ("If this plateau is as happy as I'll ever be ...") by DS Davidson
  • Always Loving You by Dakota-Luise Wolf
  • The Cynic by DS Davidson
  • You Don't Know by DJ Tyrer
  • The Beggarwoman At The Door by Angela Morkos
  • untitled haiku ("Heart strangely broken ...") by DJ Tyrer
  • My Heart Is In Pain by Dakota-Luise Wolf