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This page should be used for general announcements about Atlantean Publishing, the wiki or the small presses in general that might be of use or relevance to visitors to this site.

Five hundredth Atlantean print title[]

With astonishingly good timing, in the middle of printing the first copies of our new poetry booklet for March 2014, The Dark Tower Volume 4: A Skull of Doom, we've just happened to add up all the different titles we've ever released this way since the very first issue of Monomyth appeared way back in December 1996, and found out that amazingly enough this will be the 500th different one we've produced in those 17¼ years...! That's all the issues of all our 'zines and broadsides, all our booklets and anthologies, and sundry other releases. It does discount several expanded-edition rereleases of various booklets, and the 26 web-only issues of Awen Online and Review Supplemental, but does include the early issues of Monomyth that date back to the days before the name "Atlantean Publishing" was ever even thought of!

Wiki section complete![]

The aim of this site is eventually to provide a complete interlinked set of listings of what has been published, in which publications, when, and by whom, in Atlantean's history from 1996 to the present. This is obviously a mammoth task and one than will only be accomplished gradually, in fits and starts, whenever possible over some considerable time to come. After 17 months in existence, however, the wiki achieved its first complete section for one of our magazines — that for our short poetry 'zine Bard, which has been running since 2002. Meanwhile, each of the sections for our various broadside publications — which have all, ultimately, spun off from Bard — are similarly complete, these having only begun their runs much more recently! (Updated 12th March 2013)

New releases[]

Atlantean's most recent output of 'zines, booklets and other publications is listed on the Latest Releases page.

Submissions wanted[]

There are a number of current specific projects and themes that Atlantean are looking to feature in forthcoming releases, for which we are particularly seeking content submissions. For details, see Current Requirements