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Apocalypse: Poetry from the End of the World is an A5 poetry booklet celebrating the 2012 'End Times', released in December 2012 with cover art by Chris James.

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Rear Cover[]


  • Cover artist Chris James notes that his cover image is a Mayan 'Bee God', according to archaeologists – but also notes that veteran 'paleo-contact' hypothesiser Erich Von Däniken, in The Gold of the Gods, thought that the "hideous creature" looks like it is carrying bombs on its back, perhaps representing a doom-laden weapon of mass destruction!
  • This collection is not to be confused with The End of the World, a fiction booklet published earlier in 2012 by Atlantean, although its author Pamela Harvey does also feature in Apocalypse...


  • "A neatly packaged collection. A nicely sardonic one from Steve as kick-off. JC Hartley's another welcome dose of humour – quite clever too. Alpha and Omega is an interesting thought. I'm pleased to be in it!" – John Light
  • "A delight to read" - review in Carillon.