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Arbitrators Of The Barbaric

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Arbitrators of the Barbaric by Colin James is an A5 poetry booklet with cover art by John Light (Dinas Head). It was released in April 2013.

Available to order.


  • Panhandler Of The Cretaceous Period
  • Like A Wounded Thing
  • Arbitrators of the Barbaric
  • Be Still, My Little Aphrodisiacs
  • A Guide For Interpreting Your Bodyguard's Dreams
  • The Apology
  • Everyone Is A Defective
  • Day One Hundred And Twenty Six
  • How To Be Concise
  • Interview Of A Vagrant
  • The Dissimulation Of A Particularly Nasty Curriculum
  • Only The Punctual Experience Bliss


  • The cover for this booklet caused a bit of confusion. Originally it was to be a piece by artist John Mackenzie, but this was changed at the last minute to a cover by John Light; unfortunately, due to it being a choice between two of his pieces, the wrong title (Dormant) for the artwork was published in the booklet.