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The sixty-eighth issue of Awen was published in February 2011 and was four pages long.


  • Out There by Donna Salisbury
  • Converging Winds by Dave Wright
  • The Light by Deborah Maudlin
  • Lines Composed And Addressed To A Black Bee by DN Wali
  • Winnie The Kid by Neal Wilgus
  • Believe by Donna Salisbury
  • Long Journey Home by Dave Wright
  • Spine by Kate Thorburn
  • Ear Muffs, Bootlegs by Philip A. Waterhouse
  • The Death Of A Council Tenant by Henry Blake
  • On Line by Ed Blundell
  • The Abyss by AK Whitehead
  • untitled poem by Juliet Jones
  • Walking In The Rain by Deborah Maudlin
  • Hereabouts by Dave Wright
  • Ju Ju by Philip A. Waterhouse
  • Searching For A White Feather by Deborah Maudlin
  • Operation by Henry Blake
  • Gone by John Greeves
  • Horizon Of Time by DJ Tyrer


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