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The seventy-sixth issue of Awen was released in early June 2012 and was eight pages long.


  • This issue was the first of the revised, longer quarterly Awen following the rise in postal charges.
  • This issue was dedicated to the memory of NG Charnley.


  • Two untitled haiku by NG Charnley
  • Stateless by Thomas Land
  • Green Zone by DJ Tyrer
  • Conversations In A Darkened Place by Bryn Fortey
  • What Now? by Esther Chilton
  • Lynette by Nick Armbrister
  • untitled haiku by NG Charnley
  • Multiple poems by NG Charnley
    • What Am I?
    • untitled haiku
    • Summer Rain
    • two untitled haiku
    • One-Night Stand
    • Equal Rights Down At The BBC
    • Starlings
    • three untitled haiku
  • Song of the Egoist to his Muse by Andrew Darlington
  • Like Clockwork by Jessica Hendy
  • You Can't Be Too Careful by Wayne Scheer
  • The Sword of Solitude by Angela Morkos
  • A poem is a tiny part of a day but reading poetry can save the world by Sam Smith
  • Conundrum by DJ Tyrer
  • The Deep Tapping of the Hollow Mind by Geoff William
  • Seaside Holiday Ends by NG Charnley
  • Make Me Beautiful by Joseph Reed
  • Amityville Haiku by DJ Tyrer
  • At Odds With Insanity by T. Anders Carson
  • Strange Goodbye by Heather Buswell
  • Court of Law by DJ Tyrer
  • Slug Waits For The Market by Angela Morkos
  • Hampton, Riley by Jessica Hendy
  • The Footsteps of Our Lord by Raymond Crispin
  • Insomnia by Ben Macnair
  • Sunflower by Aeronwy Dafies
  • What He Had Left by John Clarke
  • Getting The Measure by Jean M. Hayward
  • Hercules by Stephen Owen
  • The Empty Chair by Raymond Crispin
  • Why Must You Haggle With Beauty by Ben Macnair
  • Public Opinion by Anne Rees
  • untitled haiku by DJ Tyrer
  • Sidestep by Peter Gilmour
  • Halein : Menace, Anyone? by Neal Wilgus
  • Back To Basics by Joseph Reed
  • Coming Home by DJ Tyrer
  • untitled haiku by DS Davidson
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