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The eightieth issue of Awen was released at the end of May 2013 and was twelve pages long.


  • I Dream Cornelius by Neal Wilgus
  • Hell by Heather Buswell
  • Of Love And War by David Leverton
  • Southend-on-Sea by DJ Tyrer
  • Lagoon by Pamela Harvey
  • The Journey by Geoff William
  • Crazy Angels by AC Evans
  • Blur by Heather Buswell
  • The Pixies by DJ Tyrer
  • Within by Jason Charles
  • A Catch 22 by Heather Buswell
  • Down The Lane by Aeronwy Dafies
  • Stateless by Thomas Land
  • The Slum by Geoff William
  • The Decision by Joseph Reed
  • A New Way To Pay Old Debts by DN Wali
  • Envy by Esther Chilton
  • Ice Fly by Nick Armbrister
  • Completion by John Hindle
  • Space Cafe by Les Merton
  • Outside of a Circle by John Hindle
  • Survivor by Les Merton
  • The Balcony of Europe by Paul Murphy
  • Vessel of Creation by Joseph Reed
  • Information Highway by Pamela Harvey
  • untitled haiku ("Eighty issues young") by DJ Tyrer
  • "Get In, Governor" by William Doreski
  • Timepieces by John Hindle
  • Love Has No Firewall by Ben Macnair
  • In Your Grave by Aeronwy Dafies
  • 1960 by Geoff William
  • Ice Maiden by Pamela Harvey
  • Summer - Autumn - Winter (sequence) by Geoff William
  • Revolution Time by DS Davidson
  • The Guardian by Pamela Harvey
  • The Torch by Joseph Reed
  • Accounts New by Neal Wilgus
  • In The Hedge by Aeronwy Dafies
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