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The eighty-third issue of Awen was released in February 2014 and was eight pages long.


  • Mankind by Donna Salisbury
  • Five-Pence Piece by Joseph Reed
  • Tourist Attraction by Neal Wilgus
  • Purple Storm by Colin Jeffery
  • The Admirable Raindrop by DN Wali
  • Bad News by Ed Blundell
  • The Milky Rock by Neal Wilgus
  • Don't Believe In... Beatles! by Andrew Darlington
  • To Feed Eight by W. Jack Savage
  • Floods Limerick by DS Davidson
  • Alaozar by Phillip A. Ellis
  • Beneath The Black Stone by DS Davidson
  • Stressed by AJ Hinds
  • Drowning Haiku by DJ Tyrer
  • Chiaroscuro by Bill West
  • Haiku by Aeronwy Dafies
  • Gentian by Phillip A. Ellis
  • Until There Was You by Colin Jeffery
  • untitled poem by Bill West
  • The Blind Centaur by Phillip A. Ellis
  • Days by Gordon Scapens
  • Recollections by Donna Salisbury
  • What did I dream last night? — an empty notebook by Tom Pescatore
  • Some Pilgrims by Colin Jeffery
  • Clouds by Diane R. Duff
  • untitled haiku by Amanda Valance
  • Wisdom Learnt On The Streets Of London by Angela Morkos
  • untitled haiku by Amanda Valance
  • Untitled By Choice by Tom Pescatore
  • The View From There by Gordon Scapens
  • We The Sheeple by Joseph Reed
  • Running Out Of Time by DS Davidson