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A sample 'issue zero' of Awen Online existed on Atlantean Publishing's Geocities website prior to the November 2004 publication of Awen Online 1. It consisted solely of work by editor DJ Tyrer to illustrate what was planned for the online 'zine, some of which had already been on his site prior to the creation of the issue proper. It was removed after Issue 1 went up.


  • Sir Blodry of Britain by DJ Tyrer (this was later included in Awen Online 3, as long as the website was hosted at its original Geocities home)
  • 101 Dalmatians (revisited) by DJ Tyrer (this had previously been published in Awen 7 and Garbaj 1)
  • A page titled 'My Poems' consisting of :
    • Star Cats by DJ Tyrer (previously published in Awen 1)
    • Avalon by DJ Tyrer (previously published in Awen 3)
    • Post-Graduate Depression by DJ Tyrer (previously published in Awen 3)
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