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The fifth issue of Awen Online was published in August 2005 and was transferred to the new website on 29th June 2009 and to its replacement on 8th March 2012. The theme was Love. At the time it was thought it might be the final issue, due to the need to concentrate on other areas, and it was followed by a hiatus from September 2005 until September 2008.


  • Innocence by Nick Armbrister
  • Embrace by DS Davidson
  • Waiting On A Whisper by David Woods
  • Aron by Aeronwy Dafies
  • The River by JP Brown
  • My Little Love by Jean Bramhill
  • Flowers by Ian Slawicki
  • For My Part by Andy Botterill
  • Obsession by JP Brown
  • Please by Andy Botterill
  • Anna (prose) by Zdravka Evtimova
  • Suicide Mind by Brian Harrison

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