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Bard 028

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Issue 28 of Bard was published in 2004, with cover artwork (homage galileo v) by Jesse Freeman.


  • Vantage Point by Chris Brewer
  • Summer's End by DJ Weston
  • Freedom? by AK Whitehead
  • Three Wheeled Wagon by DS Davidson
  • Lake by Louise Wood
  • Water Vole by Daid Gillechattan
  • Who Sets The Rules? by DJ Tyrer
  • Sounds Of The Country by Andy Powell
  • Goodbye Summer by Aeronwy Dafies
  • A New World by Angela Morkos


  • This was the last issue of Bard to be printed on coloured paper, meaning that from here on in the Bard Covers Gallery looks just a little bit duller...
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