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Bard 045

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Issue 45 of Bard was published in 2006, with a cover photograph by Matei Monica.


  • Even Its Star Old Wood by Steve Sneyd
  • untitled haiku (x2) by Matei Monica
  • untitled haiku by A. Lee Firth
  • A Shorter History Of Time by John Light
  • Strangers And Lovers by Lilian Anderson
  • Hazy Fantasy by Sharon Elton
  • This House by Esther Chilton
  • The Argument by DJ Tyrer
  • With Nightmare Clarity by Jude Dillon
  • Too Proud by Simon P. Jones
  • Epitaph by Brendan McMahon
  • Beautiful Thief by Joe Miller
  • The Beautiful Thief's Reply by Sarah bach
  • Captive Audience Request by Joe Miller


  • The last three poems are a back-and-forth sequence, with the first and third of them being addressed to the protagonist of the second, and vice versa.
  • The word bach (pronounced as in Johann Sebastian and his famous family of German composers) is not a surname, but the Welsh word meaning 'small, little'. Used after or in place of a person's name, it is a term of endearment roughly equivalent to calling someone 'dear' or 'pet', or more literally 'little one'.
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