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Bard 050

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Issue 50 of Bard was published in 2006, with cover art by Alan Hunter. Not only did it mark a milestone for Bard, it also coincided with Atlantean Publishing's 10th anniversary.


  • Autumnal by DJ Weston
  • Remembering by Daniel Healy
  • Satisfaction by Eddie Harriman
  • Autumn Haiku (x2) by Matei Monica
  • No Real Need To Worry by Steve Sneyd
  • Strange Night by DS Davidson
  • She Walked Alone by Elaine Day
  • Night Waves by Angela Morkos
  • Creeping Terror by DJ Tyrer
  • Sorceror Upon The Mountain by Larry Blazek
  • The Goblin Beneath The Stair by Aeronwy Dafies
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