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Bard 051

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Issue 51 of Bard was published in 2007, with cover art (Yellow Sign) by DJ Tyrer.


  • Bad Dreams by Keith Murdoch
  • Black Hen by Larry Blazek
  • Not Too Proud To Learn by Steve Sneyd
  • New Age by Christopher Brewer
  • In Stillness by Steve Mann
  • Howling Wolves by Geoff Stevens
  • Reconstruction by Kevin Donnelly
  • Red Moon by Aeronwy Dafies
  • The Final Kiss by Raymond Aherne
  • For Eyes To Read by Paul Truttman
  • untitled haiku by DJ Weston
  • The Things That Flap Above by DJ Tyrer


  • Publication was contemporaneous with The King In Yellow, Atlantean's anthology of Yellow Mythos fiction and verse, a fact that is reflected in DJ Tyrer's cover design (including the significant Mythos words "Have you seen the Yellow Sign?") and in the appearance of his poem, which is extracted from the anthology and appears, unusually, on the back of this issue.
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