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Bard 062

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Issue 62 of Bard was published in 2008, with cover art by Chris James.


  • Staring Back At Love Again by Edward Lee
  • Errands by Cathrine Wignall
  • Nick – odd one out by Nick Armbrister
  • The Secret by RW Sturgess
  • Senryu by Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Hate You by DS Davidson
  • Thin Walls by Paul Richards
  • One Night by Neal Wilgus
  • Winter Rain by Daniel Healy
  • Coward by DJ Weston
  • untitled haiku by DJ Tyrer
  • The Title Of This Poem Is Considerably Longer Than The Poem Itself by Bruce McRae


  • Bruce McRae wasn't kidding — his poem is a mere eight words long, a total of 39 letters, while its title has 55!
  • Nick – odd one out is the conclusion to a three-poem sequence begun in Bard 48 and Bard 49.
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