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Bard 075

All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

Issue 75 of Bard was published in 2009, with cover art (Atavism) by AC Evans.


  • Someone Else's Pen by Geoffrey Godbert
  • The Pens by Keith Murdoch
  • untitled haiku by DJ Tyrer
  • Reflector by Hana Sustkova
  • Lies, etc by AK Whitehead
  • our man (haiku) by DJ Weston
  • Prophyles by Neal Wilgus
  • A Poem Remembered by Derek Harris
  • Haiku by Geoff Roberts
  • Misericordia by AC Evans
  • Near Miss by Tim Linton
  • Spring by NG Charnley


  • our man carries an asterisk by its title, with the note: (*Gordon) – i.e. former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
  • Haiku is not a haiku, but a longer poem satirising the verse form!
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