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Bard 076

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Issue 76 of Bard ("Special Triolets Issue") was published in 2009, with cover art by Alan Hunter.


  • Triolet by Frances Sackett
  • I Bet You Didn't Know This by Monica Goddard
  • Soulmate by Alison Doweswell
  • Darkness by Patricia Manson
  • Seek The Lady by Martin Delemare
  • Death by Linda Wootton
  • Inspiration by Alison Doweswell
  • Delphiniums by Frances Sackett
  • Overdrawn by Ed Blundell
  • A Bit Of Rhyme by Ed Blundell
  • Two Triolets (one Sextetlet?) by Sylvia Christie


  • This issue's contents are all written in the same verse form, the triolet and were submitted by members of the same writing group.
  • A Bit Of Verse discusses the triolet form itself!
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