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Bard 077

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Issue 77 of Bard was published in 2009, with cover art (Guardian Angel) by Ian Brown.


  • Night Sounds by KJ Nolan
  • Scientists Desist by Tim Linton
  • Eclogue by AC Evans
  • The Stars Above Die (tanka) by Aspandyad F. Daruvala
  • Where Dragons Met by Adam Perry
  • Restrictions by AK Whitehead
  • Slouching Towards Carcosa (Dedicated To W. B. Yeats) by Glynn Owen Barrass
  • Albrecht Dürer, Self Portrait by Pete Faulkner
  • Grail Haiku by DJ Tyrer
  • One Small Step At A Time (haiku) by Steve Sneyd
  • Cup Of Life by Aeronwy Dafies


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