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Bard 078

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Issue 78 of Bard was published in 2009, with cover artwork (Empty Room) by Christopher Catt James.


  • Hark by GO Clark
  • Waiting's An Eternity by Aspandyad F. Daruvala
  • Clarity Of Conscience by Joyce Walker
  • Parent & Child by Esther Chilton
  • My Mate's Cooker by David Rossiter
  • Pillow Talk by Donna Salisbury
  • Clumsy by Joe Cushnan
  • untitled haiku by Bill West
  • Empty Room (haiku) by Chris Catt James
  • Long-range Love by DJ Tyrer
  • Burkah Hypocrisy by NG Charnley
  • untitled haiku by Pamela Bond
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