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Bard 080

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Issue 80 of Bard was published in 2010, with cover art (How? (And, Why?)) by Christopher Catt James.


  • Endless Questions by Keith Murdoch
  • Either Or? by Ben Hastie
  • Can you help it? by DS Davidson
  • Hauntings by Joe Miller
  • Diver by Bill West
  • Spin The Bottle by Lane A. Smith
  • Break Of Day by Ellena van Tebberen
  • Time Bends by Stephen Sharp
  • How? (And, Why?) by Chris Catt James
  • Storm by SchiZ
  • Night's Journey by Misty Posey
  • Eighty Haiku by DJ Tyrer


  • Eighty Haiku is the title of a single haiku, not the number of verses present! It celebrates the milestone reached by Bard with this issue, which is also the reason for the special version of the 'zine's logo on its front cover.
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