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Bard 110

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The 110th issue of Bard was released in March 2012 with cover art (Apple Tree Woman) by Jacqueline Zacharias.


  • Silver Birch by Mary Guckian
  • The Luck We Had by John O'Malley
  • Epitome by Paul Truttman
  • Momentary Transaction by Janice D. Soderling
  • Futurismo by Jane Stuart
  • untitled haiku by David G. Edwards
  • Agamemnon by KB Jonas Östman Axfeldt
  • East and West by Irene Ferrara
  • Senior Citizens by Aspandyad F. Daruvala
  • The Wedding by Maeve Ryan
  • Disappontment by Noel King
  • Squirrel by Aeronwy Dafies
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