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Atlantean Publishing produces several ranges of short, single-author poetry collections, occasional in appearance but of increasing number, alongside its regular 'zines and various other publications. Together they are known (by their format) as "broadsides" — each one a landscape sheet of A4 paper folded laterally into three, to give four columns: three within and one on the reverse of the 'flap'. The progenitor of these series was Bard, and there are now four scion titles; these began with The Bards, which gives individual poets a whole Bard-sized issue to showcase their work. Issues of The Bards may have any or no particular theme, whereas the three further titles that have followed in its wake were set up to cater for a specific subject in each case. The four series are:

Unlike most of Atlantean's 'zines, releases of these titles follow no set schedule (although for obvious reasons Xmas Bards will appear annually around Christmastime); for information on what sort of numbers per year are expected, and what may be coming soon, see Forthcoming releases.

For details of future issues presently in the planning stages and in need of submissions, see Current Requirements.

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