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Launched in 2015, Buxton University Press is Atlantean Publishing's imprint for fictional 'non-fiction'. Volumes published under the Buxton University Press banner will be written as if real but will be in fact largely or wholly fiction.


Submitting To Buxton University Press[]

Anyone who is interested in pitching an idea for a booklet is welcome, as is anyone who has a suggestion for an multi-author anthology in the style of Mythos Fragments. Length is flexible with both pamphlet-length entries and more substantial booklets (up to 100,000 words) being considered. The only requirement is that the content be wholly or largely fictional, but presented in a non-fiction manner (although it can include fiction within that context, such as folk and fairy tales or pieces that are examined in the text). The author must own or have written permission to use anything in copyright they include and if it must not libel any real living person. Queries and suggestions should be made to (with Buxton University Press in the subject line) or via post to the editorial address.

Mythos Fragments II[]

We are currently seeking contributions for a second volume of Mythos Fragments: excerpts of ancient Lovecraftian lore. Familiarity with the first volume may be beneficial.

What Are We Looking For[]

Booklets must be written as if the subject is real (so, a booklet about a conlang which treats it as a conlang, describing how it was created, would be a nonfiction booklet from Atlantean Publishing, but a booklet about a conlang treating it as real and discussing it in terms of real history would be suitable for the imprint).

Booklets must be written as if they are a current study (or a historical study that is being reprinted today). Booklets about the future, alternate histories or fantasy worlds are thus ruled out unless a context by which the information would be available today is provided (so a conjectural translation of documents purporting to describe a prehuman era would be acceptable, likewise a description of a medium's description of life on a distant world or a prophecy of future events would be acceptable).

Suggestions for potential ideas to explore:

  • Ancient or forbidden texts (such as the Necronomicon or King In Yellow)
  • Translations of prehistoric (or prehuman) fragments of lore
  • Accounts of mythologies
  • Histories
  • Zoological, botanical or geological accounts
  • Memoirs of explorers
  • Travel guides to fictional places
  • Descriptions of a place and its associated folklore, history, ghost stories, etc
  • Diaries or letters of interesting characters
  • The shocking truth behind historical events
  • Accounts of scientific experiments or investigations into strange phenomena
  • Biographies (either of fictional characters or of real - deceased! - people revealing the true facts)
  • Literary analysis of unusual texts (such as The King In Yellow)


In addition to studying booklets from the press, there are numerous books you can study to gain an idea of what the imprint is looking for (in terms of style, if not content):


As with all our booklets, the author will receive ten complimentary copies of the booklet.