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Cast a Curse is an A5 multi-author poetry booklet released in October 2017 with cover art by Christopher Catt James. It is a collection of spooky poems.

Available to order.


  • Helza (Cast a Curse) by Christopher Catt James
  • untitled haiku by DJ Tyrer
  • Dark Encounter by Neal Wilgus
  • Hell-owe'en by DS Davidson
  • October Prayer by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • October Frost by Aeronwy Dafies
  • November Thirst by Angela Boswell
  • The King Comes by DS Davidson
  • Witch Cult by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • Puck Watches by Aeronwy Dafies
  • The Serpent King by Christopher Hivner
  • Night of a Vampire (a dramatic reading) by Arthur C. Ford, Sr.
  • untitled tanka by DJ Tyrer
  • Night of Monsters by Matthew Wilson
  • Shadow on the Edge by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • Your Soul is Mine by Christopher Hivner
  • The Haunted Wood by Aeronwy Dafies
  • Wood Witch by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • Stranger Danger by DS Davidson
  • After the War by Matthew Wilson
  • The Young-Growth Forest by Gary W. Davis
  • Disturber of Dead Places by Matthew Wilson

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