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Successful small press poet. A review in Krax magazine described her poetry as "consistently readable".

Online Presence[]

Competitions and Awards[]

  • Finalist in the International Division of the 1998 Scots International Poetry Competition with her long verse narrative, Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate).
  • Placed 13th in the 2009 Purple Patch UK Small Press Poets of the Year.
  • Runner-up (second place) in the 2010 Data Dump Award for the best sci-fi poem published in the UK in 2009 with Peas and Diced Carrots (Bard 73).

Publications from Atlantean Publishing[]

Small Press Voyager: The Data Dump Files (2018)[]

  • Peas and Diced Carrots

The Bards 30 - The Tristan Cycle[]

Appearances in Atlantean Publications[]

Cover Art[]

The Bards 30 - The Tristan Cycle[]

Bard 156[]

Bard 159[]

Bard 162[]

Bard 163[]

Bard 168[]

Bard 170[]

Bard 177[]

Bard 180[]

Verse and prose[]

Awen 71[]

  • Midnight
  • Kaherdin

Awen 101[]

  • bx = y The Logarithm

Awen 103[]

  • Recovery
  • Opening arguments
  • Return at Midnight

Awen 104[]

  • Romanza
  • Unfinished

Awen 113[]

  • Aria
  • Cracker Crumbs

Awen 118[]

  • Arkhangelsk II

Awen 120[]

  • A Weekend Truffaut Festival

Bard 73[]

Bard 97[]

  • Dead Lives

Bard 103[]

Bard 184[]

  • After Philippians 4:8

Bard 185[]

  • Ikons

Bard 187[]

  • Belle and Beau
  • In the Garden of Dreams

Bard 189[]

  • Kali Yuga

Bard 196[]

  • Augustan serenity

Reviews and Articles[]

The Supplement 56[]

  • The International, A Movie Review
  • On Short Prose

The Supplement 81[]

  • The Benevolent Banker and Other Enigmas by John Light, A Review

The Supplement 82[]

  • Comment on “Sicily: Culture and Conquest at the British Museum” by Paul Murphy in The Supplement 79

The Supplement 84[]

  • A Review of Kiss of the Viking by Julie Maclean 

The Supplement 85[]

  • A Review of A Small Death in Lisbon by Robert Wilson

The Supplement 88[]

  • A Review of Commotion Time by Cardinal Cox

The Supplement 89[]

  • A Review of Under the Greenwood Tree by Cardinal Cox

The Supplement 94[]

  • Comments on 'Reformation Of Saint Hippopotamus' and 'Transfiguration Of Saint Rhinoceros', both by Paul Murphy and published in Awen 107.
  • Overturning Dr. Faustus, Rereading Thomas Mann's Novel in Light of Observations of a Non-Political Man by Dr. Frances Lee, A Review.

The Supplement 97[]

  • The Commons' Revolt by Cardinal Cox, A Review
  • The Folk Show: Pennies in a Battered Hat by Cardinal Cox, A Review
  • Red Skies by Cardinal Cox, A Review
  • Le Monde Extraordinaire by Cardinal Cox, A Review

The Supplement 99[]

  • The Drowningdays by Emma Sanderson, A Retro-review

The Supplement 100[]

  • A Poem for Jean Armour by Cardinal Cox, A Review
  • Chydonax by Cardinal Cox, A Review
  • The Folk Show 2: A Tuppence for the Guy by Cardinal Cox, A Review

The Supplement 101[]

  • A Little Piece of Harm by Chris Jones, A Review

The Supplement 103[]

  • The Folk Show 3: Fan Mail for a Film by Cardinal Cox, A Review

The Supplement 104[]

  • A Review of Starlight by Jane Stuart (La Luce Della Stella, a bilingual edition translated by Giovanni Campisi)
  • A Review of The Russian Section by Cardinal Cox

Appearances Elsewhere[]

Digital Pamphlets[]

  • A 2019 release of 4 thematic self-published pamphlets of short prose and verse available at; click on "Files".

Handshake, a newsletter of the eight hand gang[]

  • Produced by John Frances Haines, Handshake (now defunct) issues 50, 59, 75 and 86 presented a dozen verses submitted between 2001 and 2014. They are available again as part of a separate compilation.


  • Moodswing (defunct) issue 7 presented the verses 'Untitled' 'Cold Coffee' and 'Back On The Street'.

Purple Patch[]

  • Purple Patch (defunct) issue 113 presented the verses 'Outerlands' and "\High Flyer' in March 2006.


  • Tigershark #19 published the verse 'Coda' in August 2018.
  • Tigershark #26 published the verse 'The Roaming' in July 2020.
  • Tigershark #29 jpublished the verse 'Post-pandemic Rattled' in Spring/Summer 2021.