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Variously credited as Chris James, Christopher James, Chris Catt James and Christopher Catt James, Chris James is a frequent contributor to Atlantean Publishing, notably being one of the most frequently-used artists to appear.

Data Dump Award[]

  • His poem Wott (Monomyth 55) was long-listed for the 2015 Award.

Poetry Appearances in Atlantean Publications[]

Poetry Booklets[]

A Broken Mind[]


  • Depression
  • Doom
  • Ah, Well

Cast a Curse[]

  • Helza (Cast a Curse)

Caverns Dark[]

  • Dark Cavern Doom

Danse Macabre[]

  • In The Distance
  • No Escape (For The Wicked)

The Dark Tower Volume 4: A Skull of Doom[]

  • A Skull of Doom

Final Arrangements[]


Awen 75[]


Bard 116[]

Bard 118[]

  • Curse

Bard 125[]

Bard 134[]

  • The Song of Cayd

Bard 138[]

  • Shade of Ancient Briton

Bard 142[]

Bard 144[]

Bard 145[]

  • Gone

Bard 154[]

  • Squirrel-ku


Monomyth 51[]

Monomyth 54[]

Monomyth 55[]

  • Six poems (with illustration) from 'The Book of Seffoff The Unsane'
    • Hark!
    • Wott
    • L'Omens
    • Doom
    • Hey Nonnie No
    • Harken!

Prose Appearances in Atlantean Publications[]

to be added


Bard Cover Art[]

Chris James has provided cover art for numerous issues of Bard (often with an accompanying poem).