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The following are a few points to bear in mind before adding or editing pages on this Atlantean Publishing wiki...

  • There is a Sandbox page for practising editing the wiki, so if you're new to this editing lark, need Wikia help, or want to test some code before implementing it 'for real', do have a play there and/or seek advice and help via the links there.
  • Please do not add pages (including those for which unrealised links exist) unless it is your own author or contribution page. When adding a page, please check the format of similar pages to ensure consistency.
  • Please do not edit pages other than your own author or contribution page unless it is to add information about an author who is unable to do so, in which case, please ensure it is accurate and polite.
  • Please add information about yourself or your work to your author page or relevant contribution page rather than 'zine or anthology pages.
  • Feel free to add information about your published work elsewhere, but keep it short — if you have published a lot of work, a link to your personal website would be better. But, do include some biographical information on your page, even if you are linking to your own website.
  • Please remember to add a Category to pages you create. For example, if you create your author page, remember to add the Contributors category to it. To see a complete list of all the Categories available, click here. Categories exist for things like Genres, but please ensure their use is correct.
  • Please ensure that any pages or links you create are correctly spelled (this also includes matching upper- and lower-case to what is already in use) to prevent duplication and confusion.
  • Where errors are known to have occurred in a printed publication, this will be detailed (eg "A Story by Joe Bloggs [mistakenly attributed to John Smith on publication]"). If you are aware of any mistakes, please follow this format and do not unilaterally change content.
  • To start with, at least, we would like to concentrate upon the actual publications, their content and the contributors who made them possible. If there are thematic or other topics you think should be added, please contact DJ Tyrer for consideration. If you mention a theme or other topic and feel it needs an explanation, consider linking to a page on Wikipedia or another relevant website rather than creating a new page on this wiki, unless it appears on multiple pages or is very specific to the press..
  • There is a category for Fictional Characters — only fictional characters of importance (e.g. those appearing in multiple stories) or which are particularly interesting for some reason should be included; so many characters have appeared in our 'zines down the years it would be ridiculous to try and list them all!
  • Pages will be created for other publishers and 'zines who have developed a close relationship with Atlantean Publishing or played an important role in its development. If you feel a 'zine or publisher should be included, please contact DJ Tyrer for consideration.
  • There is a page for Links of interest to writers, artists and readers — please feel free to use it.
  • Where content isn't available via the usual wiki licence (such as copyrighted artwork) please mark it as CC-BY-NC-ND. Only include such items where it is specifically useful - where possible use work that complies with the standard licence (see the bottom of the page).
  • We enjoy trivia — but don't go mad! Again, if information is available on other sites, a link may be better than repetition here.
  • Requests for changes or deletions should be made to DJ Tyrer or Velvet Android.