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Danse Macabre is a multi-author booklet of decadent, aesthetic and symbolist poetry released in September 2019, with cover art by Frederick J. Mayer. The booklet has a partial Clark Ashton Smith theme.

Available to order.


  • Cosmic Decadent by Frederick J. Mayer
  • Sojourn Among The Perfume-Eaters/Thefted From Clark Ashton Smith by Andrew Darlington
  • City Scenes by DJ Tyrer
  • Gates of Altar by Clive Donovan
  • Love by DS Davidson
  • The Masquerade by DJ Tyrer
  • On the Death of Algernon Swinburne by Andrew Darlington
  • Flowers of Night by Frederick J. Mayer
  • To Be Human by Clive Donovan
  • Untitled by David Edwards
  • Toomas' Model by Frederick J. Mayer
  • Mme. Hyacinth Chantelouve by Cardinal Cox
  • Bowing Flowers by Clive Donovan
  • Lies by DJ Tyrer

Back Cover[]

  • "I'll get the reputation of being a sort of cosmic decadent - a sidereal Baudelaire." - Clark Ashton Smith to George Stirling, 1912.