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DJ Tyrer is the founder and driving force behind Atlantean Publishing and has also contributed to many of its 'zines, as you will see below, in addition to being the nonfiction editor of Redsine in 2000/01 and co-editor of the three-part [[::Category:King In Yellow|King in Yellow]] special of Cyaegha in 2015/16. You can read a brief interview here.

Publication Elsewhere[]

For full details of publication elsewhere of DJ's poetry, fiction, non-fiction and games visit his website. DJ Tyrer has also written for Cyaegha, Infinitas, Redsine and Tigershark. The novella The Yellow House is available in paperback and on the Kindle from Amazon.


Appearances In Fiction[]

Although also existing in the real world, DJ Tyrer has appeared in fiction more than once...

Although not actually appearing, DJ Tyrer is mentioned by name in...

Poems About DJ Tyrer[]

A couple of poets have been kind enough to express their appreciation for DJ Tyrer's effort in verse :


Rhysling Award[]

Data Dump Award[]

DJ Tyrer is one of the most long-listed poets for the Data Dump Award, and was finally placed in 2015.

  • The poems Strange Beings and Vanguard Fleet were long-listed for the 2016 Award.
  • The poem Virgil's Ongoing Researches was placed joint second for the 2015 Award and the poem Mechanical Man long-listed.
  • The poem Virgil's Ongoing Researches was short-listed for the 2014 Award (it was subsequently placed joint the following year).
  • The poem Opening Shots In The Time War was long-listed for the 2013 Award.
  • The poem Horizon Of Time was long-listed for the 2012 Award.
  • The poems Pioneer Approaches Aldebaran and Dark Star were long-listed for the 2011 Award.
  • The poem Pioneer Approaches Aldebaran was short-listed for the 2010 Award (it was subsequently long-listed again the following year) and the poem Back To The Beginning was long-listed.
  • The poem On A Far And Distant World was long-listed for the 2009 Award.
  • The poem Relativity was long-listed for the 2008 Award.
  • The poems Children of the Swarm and The Star Cats were long-listed for the 2006 Award.

Carillon 'Let's Be Absurd' Competition[]

  • The story Beaker Man was short-listed in the 2015 contest.

Stonethread Spec Fic Competition[]

  • The story How Do I Feed? reached the semi-finals of the 2014 Stonethread III contest.

Academy of Writers 'Write A Story For Children' Competition[]

  • The story Sir Blodry The Sentry reached the final 10% in judging of the 2013 contest.


The Bards and related series[]

Poetry Booklets[]

Fiction Booklets and collections[]

Buxton University Press Booklets[]


Poetry Appearances in Atlantean publications[]


Awen 74[]

Awen 76[]

Awen 77[]

  • Coming Of Ages
  • The Elderly

Awen 78[]

Awen 79[]

Awen 80[]

Awen 81[]

Awen 83[]

Awen 84[]

Awen 85[]

Awen 86[]

  • Past Tense (For John Edmond)
  • Sinking Without Trace

Awen 87[]

  • Community Work Programme Blues


Bard 117[]

  • Amazed

Bard 118[]

Bard 119[]

Bard 120[]

Bard 121[]

Bard 122[]

Bard 123[]

Bard 124[]

Bard 125[]

Bard 126[]

Bard 127[]

Bard 128[]

  • Quiz-Show Life

Bard 129[]

Bard 130[]

Bard 131[]

  • Where Did All The Jobs Go?

Bard 132[]

  • In The End

Bard 133[]

  • A Chill Childhood

Bard 134[]

  • Psychojump

Bard 135[]

Bard 136[]

  • Total Recall

Bard 137[]

Bard 138[]

Bard 139[]

  • Peculiar Pendant (with accompanying art)

Bard 140[]

  • Jobsearch

Bard 141[]

  • Remember The Dead

Bard 142[]

Bard 143[]

Bard 144[]

Bard 145[]

Bard 146[]

Bard 148[]

Bard 150[]

Bard 151[]

  • Strange Beings

Bard 152[]

Bard 153[]

Bard 154[]

Bard 155[]

  • Invasion

Bard 156[]


Garbaj 54[]

Garbaj 56[]

Garbaj 58[]

Garbaj 60[]

  • Guilt & Profit
  • Languages

Garbaj 62[]

Garbaj 63[]

  • Summer Loving

Garbaj 65[]

  • Happy Santa
  • The Boogley McGoons Steal Christmas

Garbaj 66[]

  • EU, Pee-oo!

Garbaj 67[]

  • Merry Christmas (The EU's Over)
  • Christmas Time Is Here

Garbaj 68[]

  • Burning Urge to Help
  • Bringing The Kurds Onboard


Monomyth 59[]

Monomyth 60[]

The Supplement[]

The Supplement 65[]

Poetry Booklets[]

A Broken Mind[]


  • untitled haiku ("Too depressed to live ...")
  • Tears Come Hard
  • Depression
  • Castles of the Mind
  • Without You
  • By Now
  • untitled haiku ("Abandon all hope ...")
  • A Love Denied
  • "Can't even remember if they were Happy Days" (titled after a quote by John Light)
  • You Don't Know
  • untitled haiku ("Heart strangely broken ...")

Apocalypse : Poetry from the End of the World[]

Beyond The Wall of Death: Lovecraft @125[]

Carcass Literature[]

Car Door Sans Car[]

  • Car Door Sans Door
  • untitled haiku
  • Mushrooms and Sandwiches
  • Elvis Parsley
  • untitled limerick

Cast a Curse[]

Caverns Dark[]

Chapel of Ease[]

Cosmic Decadent[]

  • City Scenes
  • The Masquerade
  • Lies

Culinary You[]

Danse Macabre[]

The Dark Tower Volume 4: A Skull of Doom[]

  • two untitled haiku
  • Within The Dark Tower
  • Dreams of the Dark Tower
  • Childe Roland

The Dark Tower Volume 5: Towers of Time[]

Final Arrangements[]

Great War: 1914-2014[]

Great War: Over By Christmas[]

Great War: To End All Wars?[]

Lunar Module

Mars: Poetry and Fiction from the Red Planet[]

The Vegetable Archdeacon[]

Witching Hour[]


Christmas Chillers[]

Christmas Chillers II[]

Christmas Chillers III[]

Christmas Chillers IV[]

Christmas Chillers V[]

Christmas Chillers VI[]

James Bond in... Quantum of Something[]

Prose Poems in Atlantean publications[]


Awen 78[]

Prose Fiction in Atlantean publications[]

Anthologies and Booklets[]

Christmas Chillers[]

Christmas Chillers II[]

Christmas Chillers III[]

Christmas Chillers IV[]

Christmas Chillers V[]

Christmas Chillers VI[]

Great War: 1914-2014[]

  • Over and Done

Great War: Over By Christmas[]

  • Over By Christmas


Awen 76[]

  • Coming Home

Awen 77[]

Awen 78[]

Awen 82[]

Awen 86[]


Garbaj 52[]

Garbaj 54[]


Monomyth 59[]

Monomyth 60[]

Contributions to Buxton University Press Volumes[]

Mythos Fragments[]

  • Introduction to the volume
  • Introductions to several of the sections

Non-Fiction in Atlantean publications[]

Artwork in Atlantean publications[]

  • Cover art to The Bards 40
  • Cover art to Garbaj Presents... SuperTrump
  • Cover art to Garbaj Presents... A Wuhan Whodunnit (manipulated from Pixabay originals)
  • Cover art to Carcass Literature

Other Appearances In Atlantean Publications[]

Garbaj 64[]

  • Updating Sayings To The Computer Age