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Dakota-Luise was born in 1983, and married her husband when she was twenty and they are still in love as the day they met.

Dakota-Luise has been writing novels and poems since she was seven years old, it started as away for her to escape her life and it's troubles at home and at school and over time it has become a passion that she still love to fit into her family life now.

Her husband is constantly encouraging her to get her work published and put it out for the world to read. Her husband is her rock, her strength, her best friend and her guiding star.

She has diplomas in Forensic Science and Psychology and she is thinking she would like to study Criminology and Law.

Dakota-Luise also writes romance under the pen name of Akoya Rayne @

Data Dump Award[]

  • Her poem Falling (Awen 84) was long-listed for the 2015 Award.

Work Published:[]

She has self-published paperbacks and eBooks, which can be purchased through Amazon. Titles are - 01 - Poetry, 02 - Poetry, 03 - Poetry, 04 - Poetry, 05 - Poetry, Poetry - The Complete Volumes.

She has had pieces featured in Atlantean Publishing zines of Bard, Awen, The Supplement, Angst.

She has also had poetry featured in Tigershark.

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