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Diana Manister writes literary criticism for The Modern Review; Forum, The College English Association Journal; BigCityLit and About Contemporary She is a member of the International Critics Association and the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics and writers. Her poetry has been published in Four and Twenty, Maintenant, a Dada Journal Vols. 5,6,7,8; Big Bridge, The Ozone Park Journal, The Sheepshead Review; The New Post-Literate; Ygdrasil

and anthologies. Her poem "Hubble" was set to music by composer John Raeger and premiered in Oakland and San Francisco in 2013, performed by the Piedmont Choirs conducted by Robert

Geary, and in Helskinki Finland in 2014.

Appearances in Atlantean Publications[]


Bard 140[]

  • Rising At 3 AM

Bard 141[]

  • The Blue Glass

Final Arrangements[]

  • Ghost
  • How To Be Luminous