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Atlantean Publishing has owed a particular debt of inspiration to Doctor Who, the famous BBC science-fiction drama, which ran on television from 1963 to 1989 before cancellation – eventually returning regularly since 2005. Central character The Doctor (never "Doctor Who", except in spoofs) himself is a Time Lord exile from the planet Gallifrey, travelling through time and space in a Type 40 TARDIS, righting wrongs and generally being an all-round good guy. So vast is the potential for scenarios set somewhere within the almost boundless spatio-temporal 'Whoniverse', the programme has spawned an enormous amount of both licensed spinoffs and fan fiction over the decades, notably including a great deal during the sixteen long years when new episodes were not being produced by the BBC.

A particular favourite among the founding editors of Monomyth, the show and its characters, and wider universe – from official novels, audio dramas, etc. – have inspired a considerable amount of fiction in various publications, including many pre-hiatus issues of Monomyth, A Universal Tapestry and Out Of The Vortex, as well as some spoofs in Monomirth panels and Garbaj. To date these all relate back to the original, 'classic' TV run plus its expansions into other media; the post-2005 continuation is yet to inspire any direct homage!

The following are all Doctor Who-connected items associated with or that have appeared within Atlantean publications; some of the characters, places and ideas are borrowed directly from the original series, while many have been created by the authors responsible.

Dedicated Publications Stories

See also Atlantean's Doctor Who Continuity, for an idea of how this sequence fits together 'chronologically', and where the stories belong — around the TV series' broadcast adventures, plus a few published in other media — in the Doctors' timeline.
Entities, Aliens & Monsters
Non-Fiction Other

See also the categories Doctor Who Poetry and Doctor Whomour.

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