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Doctor Who story by DJ Tyrer in which the 7th Doctor and Ace become embroiled in the midst of a deadly web of intrigue in the imperial court of Draconia. Whilst holidaying on Draconia, the Doctor finds himself framed for murder in the midst of a powerstruggle between the Brotherhood of the White Room and the Red Lily faction. Published in A Universal Tapestry.


  • Prince Tzellakh of Calssiss is mentioned in passing near the beginning and the conclusion implies that he is likely the new heir to the Draconian throne (thanks to his line's support for the Brotherhood of the White Room). He is the same Prince Tzellakh who appeared as the Draconian representative in The Testament of a Time Lord.
  • At the end of the story, the Doctor suggests they take another break on the eighth moon of Tersurus (a lead-in to Once Under Seven Moons... in which it is stated that this story follows The Mad God's Kitchen).