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Doctor-less Doctor Who story by DJ Tyrer. Published in A Universal Tapestry.

Sarah Jane Smith is sent to the Amazon following the disappearance of a team of British biologists, to report on the commando raid to rescue them. However, she and her faithful robot dog K-9 encounter something more than terrorists – Silurians intent on world devastation...


  • The story is set (probably fairly shortly) prior to the final collapse of the USSR, with several "Soviet" references in the text.
  • Sarah Jane appears to labour under the misapprehension that the language of Brazil is Spanish! (The author is uncertain, after over a decade, whether this was a slip that managed to escape notice or, given the context, intended as a joke: Sarah worries that she will not understand the local special forces, who she expects will be speaking Spanish – only for them to announce they will be operating in English anyway, thus leaving her none the wiser about her error...)