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These are some Frequently Asked Questions received by Atlantean Publishing, related to ordering Atlantean products:

"What are the prices of your publications?"

The prices of all currently-available publications are listed on the Atlantean website presently. Should you find any information missing, please email for details.

"Can I subscribe to a regular publication?"

Yes — you will find that our price list includes the option to subscribe to our regular magazines for a year at a time, which is cheaper than ordering them individually. See the listings for how many of each title are produced per calendar year. There is also an Atlantean 'Season Ticket', which gets you a copy of everything produced by the press in a calendar year, which is even better value for money.

"Can you send to another country?"

Yes. Please note each product available carries several different prices — the cost varies according to whether orders are to be sent within the UK, to Europe by surface mail, to the rest of the world by surface mail, or to the rest of the world by airmail.

"How do I order from you?"

Orders can be made by writing to the address at the bottom of this page, where necessary enclosing a stamped self-addressed envelope (SSAE) or else appropriate payment — see the price list for which publications require which. SSAEs should have a 1st or 2nd class stamp (US $2 overseas) for postage.

  • Where a SSAE is required, it should be capable of accepting A5 paper (210 x 148mm; 8.3 x 5.8in). The A4-sized The Supplement and Awen will be folded in half to this size.
  • Of course you can request to receive The Supplement or Awen unfolded, but please be aware that a SSAE large enough for A4 paper (297 x 210mm; 11.7 x 8.3in) would cost you more, because an envelope longer than 240mm, wider than 165mm or thicker than 5mm counts as a Large Letter for UK posting purposes (see Post Office mailing weight & size guide).

"How do I pay?"

Please bear in mind the following points:

  • Payments should preferably be in cheques for Pounds Sterling (£) drawn on a UK bank, or in the form of a UK Postal Order.
    • Please remember that all cheques and postal orders should be made out to DJ Tyrer.
    • Cash or stamps to the value may be sent at the sender's own risk.
  • Overseas orders may be made in cash in the form of US Dollars ($) or Euros (€) — no foreign stamps, please.
    • We may be able to process larger non-sterling orders via cheque, but there may be a surcharge to cover costs and a delay in processing the order. Alternatively, we may be able to process such an order online. Please enquire for details.
  • Remember, when sending a cheque, postal order or money through the post, always get a proof of postage — and, for larger amounts, consider a signed-for service.

"Where is my stuff?"

We aim to process all orders within a week of receipt — but please note that we only acknowledge subscriptions if you include a SSAE or contact email.

If you have been waiting for a long time for something and want to query an order, please make sure that you include the follow information:

  • When you sent your order
  • Whether any acknowledgement was received
  • Which product(s) you ordered — title, and issue number, if applicable
  • Where applicable, whether you have a subscription or Season Ticket
  • Whether you included your full name and address — including, when applicable, whether you included a SSAE — since without these there is little we can do to post items!

The more information you can provide, the more likely we are to be able to update you on the state of your order. Too often we receive vague queries that are impossible to trace without spending many hours trawling through the in-pile, time which can be better spent actually posting out orders and answering submissions!

See also: FAQ (Submissions).

Contacting Atlantean Publishing

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Write to us at:
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Email the editor:
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and please visit our open group for news, updates and discussion
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