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These are some Frequently Asked Questions received by Atlantean Publishing, related to submitting material for publication:

"I am a new writer — will you publish my work?"

Atlantean Publishing is happy to consider work by anyone, whether they have been published before or not. We judge every submission on its merit, not by the status of the author. The same goes for any other personal attribute - we will judge your work, not you.

"Will I be paid for my work?"

We do not pay monetarily for work that we publish. However, you will receive a complimentary copy of the magazine, booklet or anthology it is published in — if it is a solo-author work, you will receive more than one copy, as specified at the time of acceptance. Online-only publications, such as View From Atlantis and the 5-7-5 Haiku Journal or pieces published on the blog are not paid, although you are welcome to include links or small adverts alongside your piece to publish your work.

"Will I be charged for submitting or being published?"

No. Atlantean Publishing does not charge reading fees or require that you subscribe before submitting, and contributors do not have to pay to receive their contributor copy. Nor are you required to make any payment towards a single-author publication.

Although we recommend that you look at an issue or two to get an idea of what is likely to be published, there is no requirement upon you to do so and no favouritism towards subscribers.

"What should I submit?"

For more details about the kind of things we're looking for, see our full guidelines for contributors — plus our current requirements for any specific submission types we may particularly desire right now.

  • For more information about what Atlantean has produced recently, please see our latest releases — and for a more general list of back-catalogue availability, see what's currently available.

"How do I submit?"

Full details of this are found on our guidelines page.

"Why don't you accept submissions at certain times?"

The press is closed in December/January and July/August in order to provide a breathing space to catch up with submissions made the other eight months of the year.

"What's happened to my submission?"

The postal backlog is now clear and we hope to respond within two months to most submissions.

There is still a substantial email backlog, although submissions to booklets and The Supplement are being responded to more quickly..

Processing submissions may take some time as we receive a great deal, so we would ask you to be patient. Although we will do our best, please note that we cannot guarantee to send you an acknowledgement postcard if you have included one, as they are easily overlooked.

If you are submitting to something with a deadline, or need a prompt reply for some reason, please make this clear both on the envelope and in the covering letter — or in the subject line and body of the email. The easier it is to spot that something is urgent, the less likely it will be overlooked. (Just flagging an email as urgent is no guarantee that it will be noticed — please ensure the urgency is noted in the subject line.)

If you have been waiting a long time for a reply — at least a month, no sooner please! — and want to query a submission, please make sure that you include the following information:

  • How you sent it (i.e. by email or via post) and in what (e.g. C5 or C4 sized envelope, colour?)
  • When you sent it
  • For post — whether you included your name and/or address on the envelope
  • For emails — the email address you sent it from (if different from querying email)
  • What you sent (poems, art, fiction, non-fiction)
  • Title of work(s)
  • Whether it was accepted, and for what publication
  • Whether any acknowledgement was received

The more information you can provide, the more likely we are to locate your work (or to confirm it never arrived). Too often we receive vague queries that are impossible to trace without spending many hours trawling through the in-pile, and we are not prepared to do that when the time can be spent actually answering submissions!

Complimentary copies are generally posted around the time the publication appears on this wiki (please allow a day or two, especially if posted during or just before the weekend or a bank holiday). UK issues are sent second class, so will generally take two or three days to arrive. All overseas post is sent airmail, so should arrive within a week or so.

See also: FAQ (Orders).

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Submitting content to Atlantean Publishing
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