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Doctor Who story by DS Davidson, set before the TV series' first story, An Unearthly Child. Published in A Universal Tapestry.

The 1st Doctor and Susan arrive on the Federation colony world of Menhem, in search of Spironium in order to carry out essential repairs to the TARDIS. Masquerading as a Colonial Inspector, the Doctor finds, to his misfortune, that the Federation is out of favour as murderous revolution breaks out. The arrival of the real Inspector's ship seems to portend further trouble, but it proves to be worse than inspected, the Inspector and his crew having been replaced by the Rutan. Helping to save the day, the Doctor is gifted some Spironium and considers heading for 1960s Terra...


The mineral Spironium, used for unspecified purposes within the TARDIS, was invented for this story by the author. It has since been referenced in other stories from Atlantean Publishing.