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The Founding Editors are four semi-mythical beings who founded Monomyth way back in the summer of 1996, the first issue being published at the end of that year. They were, in order of impressiveness of their designated titles:

  • DJ Tyrer — Editor-in-Chief, driving force behind the project, founder of Atlantean Publishing and current editor of the 'zine and indeed all things produced under the Atlantean banner.
  • Richard Burman — Submissions & Subscriptions Editor/Vice-Editor. Remained active with the magazine for several years, amongst other things contributing more cover designs than anyone else to this day. Also responsible for the A Universal Tapestry anthology.
  • Ian O'Reilly — Advertising Editor. It was largely down to Ian that Monomyth gained much of its early readership and didn't founder and peter out after a year or two. Ian was also the editor of the original Grail Anthology project. He effectively vanished in 1999 and we have no idea of his current fate. It was his disappearance that caused the original Grail Anthology plans to be aborted and, eventually, reshaped into Grail.
  • Simon Birch — The only one of the four who shaped what would become Monomyth not to end up with an official title or specific duties, he was a regular contributor to early issues, but was not an active editor past the planning stages.

It is the enduring result of these four's initial efforts that Monomyth continues to exist to this day, still appearing twice a year, seventeen years after its creation — and, by extension, everything that has appeared under the Atlantean Publishing banner is their legacy too.