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Fractured Moods 1

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Fractured Moods, Volume One: Haunted Astral is a poetry booklet collecting the poems of AC Evans published by Atlantean Publishing between 2000 and 2006. The cover art is Trace Element II by AC Evans. The booklet was published alongside a companion piece, Volume Two: Beautiful Chaos.

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  • Haunted Astral
  • The Night Alone
  • Could Be Anywhere
  • Advice To A Young Poet
  • When The Lights Go Out
  • The Dark Macabre - Totentanz
  • Invisible Razors
  • Out of the Velvet Womb
  • This Carpet's On Fire
  • Music Fades
  • (Another)
  • When You See My Grave
  • Flashback Phantoms
  • The Lost Book
  • Underworld
  • Always
  • Geste Surrealiste
  • No Sensation
  • Storm Vision
  • Still Unruffled
  • Are You Not
  • Muse In Darkness
  • Meet The Folks (Who Live In Hell)
  • Angels Bring Us
  • Moment
  • Unspoken Poetry
  • Slump
  • Insomnia
  • Kiss The Peach
  • Darkness Of Secrets
  • Magical Flight


  • "Poetry to make you pause, make you think. A powerful mix." - review in Carillon.
  • "... you will not always like what you see, but this doesn't mean your shouldn't look" - review in Pulsar Poetry Webzine Edition #14