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Frederick J. Mayer (d.2023) was an author, poet and artist. He was presented the International Clark Ashton Smith Poetry Award and was nominated for a record eight Balrog Awards, winning three for 'Best Poet'. He is listed in The Ultimate Science Fiction Poetry Guide as one of the "significant Fantasy Poets" of the modern era and was the first to hold the Poet Laureate position at the World Science Fiction Convention (Denver, 1981). A founding member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA), he has been nominated for its Rhysling Award. he has also been the introduction writer and editor for such works as Joseph Payne Brennan's poetry collection Webs of Time, for which he also provided the cover art.

He has also contributed poetry, fiction and art to Tigershark ezine.


The Bards[]

Xothic Sathlattae[]

Appearances in Buxton University Press Publications[]

Mythos Fragments[]

  • A Lost Fragments Concerning The Testament of Carnamagos
  • Missing fragments from Noctuary of Safatlicllp and a supplement to The Book of Cracked Jade

Appearances in Atlantean publications[]

Cosmic Decadent[]

  • Cosmic Decadent
  • Flowers of Night
  • Toomas' Model

Carcass Literature[]

  • Carcass
  • House For Delectatio Morosa #5, "Quaerens quem devort"


Xothic Sathlattae[]