The below images lead to gallery views of all the releases from each of Atlantean Publishing's ongoing ranges that regularly feature cover art. Within the galleries each image can be clicked on to link through to individual titles' own pages, for information on their contents, which authors, poets and artists contributed to them, when they were published and so forth.

Poetry/Prose Booklets
Covers Gallery

The Drowningdays

Covers Gallery

Grail 2 cover

Covers Gallery


Covers Gallery

Bard 076

Covers Gallery

Garbaj 47

The Bards
Covers Gallery

The Bards 35

Xmas Bards
Covers Gallery

Xmas Bards 2

Yellow Leaves
Covers Gallery

Yellow Leaves 05

Xothic Sathlattae
Covers Gallery

Xothic Sathlattae 06

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