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Front of Garbaj magazine – in its A4 former layout, and smaller recent format. All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

Garbaj was one of the five 'zines produced by Atlantean Publishing, but ceased publication with its seventieth issue (although the tagline Garbaj presents... has been used subsequently). It was dedicated to humour, satire, surreality and anything that doesn't really fit in elsewhere. Its tagline was The Satire and Humour 'Zine. Contents have typically included spoof news headlines, joke articles, fake advertisements, cartoons, much political lampoonery and a fair smattering of humorous and/or satirical poetry. Formerly it was about eight sides of A4, but later issues were mostly single folded 'broadside' sheets of A4 in the style of Bard. It was initially edited by 'The Garbajitor'* DS Davidson (until issue 18/August 2004), but was latterly edited by DJ Tyrer (joint editorial duties on issues 16-18, sole editor from issue 19).

* Thanks, Neil K. Henderson...


The recent broadside-sized 'mini-issues' have been featuring cover art, in the same vein as Bard; these are now collated in the Garbaj Covers Gallery.


Garbaj 56

A later mini-sized issue, Garbaj 56All cover images are CC-BY-NC-ND

Regular Targets

Certain figures such as Tony Blair, George Bush, Osama Bin Laden and Richard Dawkins have been the regular targets of satire in its pages, especially when DJ Weston and DS Davidson were regularly contributing.

Spin-off Publications

Following two spin-off publications under the Garbaj banner, a one-shot leaflet snappily entitled Preparing For Things You Cannot Reasonably Expect To Prepare For Adequately (and that's only its short title) and its spiritual sequel, Deal or No Deal: Surviving Brexit, Garbaj Presents... became a new broadside series in its own right.

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