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Garbaj 48

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The special Special 'Valentine's Day' Issue issue of Garbaj (tagline: Can't get a girl? Then: Get Garbaj!) was released in February 2012 in the Bard-style format of later issues with a cover cartoon ("How bankers see themselves...") by DJ Tyrer.


  • Pal by Danny Tuohy
  • DIY — start to finish! by John Cooper
  • Failed Relationship by DJ Tyrer
  • Pen and Paper (spoof advert) by Geoff William
  • Torchwood revealed to be a typo by Ben Macnair
  • Crime by Pat Roffey
  • Benefits by Keith Murdoch
  • Narcissus and the Broken Mirror by Ben Macnair
  • Opposition by Peter Wild
  • Overseas by DJ Tyrer
  • Headline Nudes
  • Belgrano: The Musical (spoof advert) by DJ Tyrer
  • Sarkozy, So Crazy by DS Davidson
  • Go, Go Greece by DJ Tyrer
  • Heart In Hand (spoof advert) by Nicholas Ozment
  • untitled haiku by Neal Wilgus
  • untitled quip by Eric Ferris
  • Kiss Chase Limerick by DJ Tyrer
  • Limerick by DS Davidson
  • Steven Spielberg reveals that ET 'never phones him these days' by Ben Macnair
  • Tiny by DJ Tyrer
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